Friday, January 11, 2008


The "Hymn of One" left a comment on Dr. Windham's blog that said:

"Hymn said... Dear Cassie: 82jp3kp Good luck. - The Hymn"

Thanks to deagol, MicFranXon, and maddemp for figuring out that it was a tinypic url.

Here's the video. What do you think??

EDIT: Deagol solved the anagramed words at the end of the vid:

first code says this (just one word i dunno):
Once there was a girl who sacrificed the tnofyorpup (this is noe believed to be the word opportunity) for eternal life.
But she is no soul to admire; She's not brave - she's just a liar.
Built up secrets leave her crying. While she weeps she's quickly dying.
She can't forget the tears she's shed, for a doctor so dear, who now is dead.
As fast as she ran and as far as she wandered, she's haunted by a girl she murdered.

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